Battery Alarm v46 – Warning application for receiving battery charge time and optimizing it in Android,
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You may have used various programs to increase the battery life of your smart device, all of which were based on optimizing the settings and some others based on stopping background programs to adjust the rhythm of your device, but in the meantime never You did not pay attention to the battery charging time! The amount of battery charge is one of the most important factors of working time or in other words, its life, which by optimizing this process, you can undoubtedly use your smart device battery for many years without any problems. First of all, you should note that if your device’s battery stays charged more than allowed, it will save storage space and your device’s battery will be lost over time. Battery Alarm app helps its users by optimizing battery chargeAlso, announcing the time of discharge of the device will save the amount of storage space and increase the battery life of your smartphone; All you have to do is install the program to receive complete battery information in addition to receiving the battery discharge time from an alarm. You can program the application to notify you when you reach a certain level of charge, or you can change the notification alarm to your liking.

Some features and capabilities of Battery Alarm Android app:

  • Show the current battery level of the device
  • Set an alarm when you reach a certain level of charge (default value is 80%)
  • Show current charging mode (AC or USB)
  • Ability to change the alarm personally
  • Show each battery level with a specific color
  • Adjust the received alarm volume
  • Show battery charge progress in the notification bar
  • Support for various plugins
  • Automatic app size in the background

The Battery Alarm application, which has been released in the Android Market at a price of $ 1.49 , has been able to receive a unique score of 4.8 out of 5.0 , which you can be one of the first users around the world to install on your Android device by receiving the purchased version from Usroid . You do.

V46 version changes:

* New features + various optimizations.


 Battery Alarm