Battery Alert 40-80 Pro v1.47 – Android Battery Charge Warning App
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We all know that one of the most important hardware components used in smart devices is their batteries; In such a way that users pay the most attention to it and try to increase its battery life to a great extent by taking care of it. Lithium batteries can be considered a major development in the battery industry, as these types of energy storage sources can store more currents and also suffer less damage from hundreds of continuous charges. If you have ever noticed, when buying smartphones, the charge of these smart devices is between thirty to 80%, which indicates the correct amount of charge by the manufacturer! Low charge and at the same time continuous high charge cause a lot of damage to the battery and lead to various costs. Battery Alert 40-80 ProTitle is a useful and essential application to know the charge percentage using the alarm sound for tablets and Android phones, which was developed by Digimaster and published in the big Google Play market. This software helps its users to always keep the battery charge percentage of their device between 40 to 80% and increase the battery life as much as possible. The default charges specified in this program, as mentioned, are 40 and 80%, which are your choice and you can change it if necessary. Apart from the main feature that we discussed, you also have a charge and battery temperature monitoring system, which is practical and useful in many cases.




Application Battery Alert 40-80 Pro has a diverse and essential feature for owners of smart devices managed by its $ 0.99 price points 4.3 to 5.0 and Google Play users can now obtain the newest version purchased Download it from the fast servers of Usroid site.