Battery Pods for AirPods battery v2.63 [Pro] – Professional and complete version of AirPod battery charge display app
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Smartphone users use headphones or handsfree to prevent their music from playing loudly or to communicate better. These accessories, like anything else, are evolving day by day and a variety of features are being added to them. The newest type of these portable players can be considered as AirPads, which are connected to the smartphone without any wired connection and help you to experience great calls in addition to playing music. One of the problems that AirPad or earphone users sometimes face is battery level detection! This issue has also become an excuse to decide to introduce a great software in this post. Battery Pods for AirPods batteryIs the title of an Android AirPad battery level display application developed by Sumy Applications and published on Google Play. As mentioned above, the main feature of this software can be seen in showing the battery level of AirPads, which helps to easily and at the right time to connect your portable player to the charger. Other features of this app; It supports a variety of Bluetooth wireless players, which has made it more and more popular. To prevent complete battery drain or battery shortage while traveling, an internal alarm has been installed for the user, so that the charge level of your Bluetooth player is monitored and alerted by an alarm sound when it reaches a certain level. Becomes. In addition, it is good to know that there are other settings at your disposal, each of which will change depending on the personal tastes and needs of users.

Some features and capabilities of Battery Pods for AirPods Android battery:

  • Indicates the charge level of the AirPads
  • Supports all types of Bluetooth players
  • Internal warning system for notification when the battery reaches a certain level
  • A set of various options to adjust the volume of the sound being played
  • View the amount of charge in the notification bar or by widgets
  • Determines the charge level of the AirPad case in addition to the left and right players
  • Set the alert level for each player individually
  • Battery storage mode

Application Battery Pods for AirPods battery with enjoyment of the features and functionality of various by your developer for free with a paying interstitial 59.99 dollars on Google Play has been released, can now use the newest version of its professional without any Get a restriction from the big Usroid website .

Version v2.63 changes:

* Troubleshoot and improve app performance


Battery Pods for AirPods battery