BatteryInfo Saver Pro – Fast Charging & Booster v1.0 – Android battery data display app,
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Smart devices are made up of several different parts, and batteries are undoubtedly one of the most important hardware available; Unfortunately, many users of Android smartphones pay less attention to the battery and its health than other available sources, which is why many devices only have the problem of charging after a short time. BatteryInfo Saver Pro -Fast Charging & Booster is the title of a complete and perfect application for viewing tablet and Android phone battery information, which was developed by MobAppnosysDev and published in the big market of Google Play. This software with its special capabilities professionally performs the task of battery monitoring Takes over and displays the information whenever you want. Check the battery voltage and health continuously so that you can solve any problem immediately. There are several different management options in the list of features, of which warnings can be considered the most popular; It is enough to specify the amount of charge percentage to activate the warning as soon as the battery reaches the desired percentage.

Some features and capabilities of BatteryInfo Saver Pro -Fast Charging & Booster Android application:

  • Very high speed and low volume
  • See detailed information on the smartphone battery
  • Displays the amount of battery used and remaining
  • Various features to customize the icon in the status bar
  • Option to show the percentage in the status bar
  • Extraordinary alarm system to increase battery life
  • Customize the app’s user interface
  • Various widgets

Application BatteryInfo Saver Pro -Fast Charging & Booster with a set of functional capabilities in the field of professional monitoring your battery has managed $ 2.99 Score: 5.0 from 5.0 through Google Play users can now receive the newest version of its purchased Download from Usroid website .

V1.0 version changes:

* Publish the original version of the app on Google Play

BatteryInfo Saver Pro -Fast Charging & Booster