Battle Cars: Monster Hunter v2.3 + Mod – Action and Competitive Game “Battle Cars: Monster Hunter” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited gold, diamonds, and gasoline) separately
Tested and run offline

Battle Cars: Monster Hunter – ماشین های نبرد: شکارچی هیولا is an exciting and entertaining game from the action and competitive titles category, with its main nature related to competitive battles. The developer of this game is the famous Singaporean game development company ONESOFT, which has a track record of many works, including Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter, Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, and Falcon Squad – Classic Shoot ’em up. As usual, Usroid intends to offer another exciting and beautiful game for the first time simultaneously with its release on Google Play for its dear users, and as the first Iranian site among all Iranian sites. This game has been designed in collaboration with ABI Game Studio. In Battle Cars: Monster Hunter, as the name suggests, the story is about the battle between cars and robotic creatures. In this game, which, like most other ONESOFT games, has no specific storyline or adventurous content, you are a combat car tasked with the challenging mission of clearing enemies in difficult and challenging stages. So you have to prepare yourself for exciting and intense battles.


Battle Cars: Monster Hunter


In Battle Cars: Monster Hunter, you can shoot at enemies with various weapons at your disposal. These shots are automatic, and you are responsible for moving and dodging enemy bullets. Collecting points and special items is also the player’s responsibility. In the game, you can earn coins and use them to buy better weapons and equipment or upgrade different parts. Battle Cars: Monster Hunter has a Single Player section and a Multiplayer section. In the single-player section, you can follow the campaign and enjoy single-player games. However, the multiplayer section is different, and you can play one-on-one or multiplayer battles online with other players. Note that to unlock the multiplayer section, you must reach at least Level 5. The game also has a Survival section, which is the most challenging and difficult part of the game. Battle Cars: Monster Hunter has an online leaderboard where the top players’ rankings are registered. The game is played from a third-person and top-down perspective. The game’s 3D models are entirely fantasy and animated, so Battle Cars: Monster Hunter is designed with optimal graphics and can be easily experienced on most Android devices. If you are a fan of action and skill games and are looking for a competitive and simple title, do not miss Battle Cars: Monster Hunter and download the latest version from Usroid.