Today we are going to introduce you to a very beautiful and attractive strategy game called  Battle Towers , this game, unlike many strategy games that are not of good quality, has a very good quality with great sound. Our world is always facing an eternal battle between two powerful groups; Orders and Chao! Every day there is a great chaos, a war to survive and not be defeated! The two groups lived together for a long time, but over time, peace and tranquility gave way to war and bloodshed. Orders are noble people who have pure intentions but often act with violence and force, and the Chaos are a rebellious and savage group who at the same time enjoy living and are proud to die in war. Each of these two groups has unique units, different houses and spells. To win thisTo play , you must try to strike a balance between playing time and your actions, clear the ground of your enemies on more than 40 battlefields with unique details and the ability to adjust the degree of difficulty.

Some features of Battle Towers Android game:
* Balance between defense and attack
* Ability to upgrade fighters and buildings
* 3D images
* Learning how to play quite simply
* Free and no ads

* Support for tablets and smartphones
Now you can download Battle Towers game with one click for free from the latest Android site, Usroid , and bring the experience of a different strategy game to your Android phone.

 Changes in version v2.9.9:

* Improve overall game performance and troubleshoot


Download Battle Towers - Android battle tower strategy game




Download Battle Towers Android APK - NEW



Download Battle Towers Android APK - NEW