Beat Blade: Dash Dance v3.6.0 + Mod – Musical and challenging game “Ring Blade” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with offline performance

Beat Blade: Dash Dance: High Speed ​​Dance is another interesting and exciting game in the category of musical games that is made for free and has been released for Android phones and tablets. Hong Kong BattleCry HQ Studio is the developer and publisher of this game for Android operating system and has made it available to everyone on Google Play. Farsrood at your requestAzizan has prepared the latest version of this game along with an exclusive modded version for download. Beat Blade: Dash Dance is nothing new or different in terms of design, idea and overall gameplay, and it must be said that this game has many similar examples. However, it is impossible to ignore the fun and at the same time challenging game. In Beat Blade: Dash Dance, which is quite a musical title, you have to start each stage of the game in different stages in the role of a musical fighter and perform your main mission in the best possible way. In Beat Blade: Dash Dance, the main character runs forward as the game begins. He has a sword in his hand and the task of the players is to control the movements of this character and guide him in the right direction. This is the most important issue of the game and the most important point in it.


Beat Blade: Dash Dance


In Beat Blade: Dash DanceYou will be presented with two main types of items along the way. One of these items is actually the points or coins that are scattered in different places and are in the right places along with the rhythm of the song so that when you reach them and the game character hits them, you You will keep up with the rhythm of the song and you will understand the charm of the game. The second items in the game are items such as naval mines that are displayed in different colors from the color of the score items. Needless to say, any encounter with these mines will result in your loss. Your main goal at each stage is to finish the track at the same time as completing the song. In Beat Blade: Dash Dance, many songs of different styles including electronics, pop, trance and even hippopotamus are considered. By earning good points from the game stages, you can earn enough money to buy store items and other songs. This beautiful game with lovely and fantasy graphics and very exciting gameplay is an attractive option to entertain you and challenge your skills in focus. So do not procrastinate and play this game now, which is both normal and modUsroid is provided for you to download from the download box. In order to get more acquainted with the shape and image of the game, you can also take a look at its trailer video. Beat Blade: Dash Dance has so far managed to cross the 10 million download mark on Google Play.

Additional notes:

  1. The whole game of Beat Blade: Dash Dance is offline, but to download songs (steps), you must connect to the Internet.
  2. In the modded version, your money and energy are unlimited, but note that some game items that can only be purchased with real money are not available in this game. However, almost more than 90% of the items in the store section and leave lists can be purchased in the modded version.