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Beat Stomper – Rhythmic jumps is a new, popular and different game in the style of arcade games from Rocky Hong game dev1.0.10elopment studio for Android , which has been released for free on Google Play and has been downloaded more than 50 million times by Android users around the world. And was able to score excellent 4.7 out of 5.0And be selected as one of the most popular games on Google Play! Rocky Hong gameplay mechanics are v1.0.10ery simple; All you hav1.0.10e to do is click on the smartphone screen with one finger! Beat Stomper tells the story of a character who wants to jump to the highest possible point; Here the player will find his role and you will rush to his aid by touching your smartphone! To make the game more attractiv1.0.10e, the dev1.0.10eloper studio has added sev1.0.10eral elements to the gameplay, one of which we can call “speed”. Beat Stomper has nev1.0.10er giv1.0.10en up and because the mov1.0.10ement of the objects you step on is not slow, you may taste failure at any moment. Despite the fact that this element has increased the excitement of the game, do not the objects of Rocky Hong Challenges lose their logical color and smell at high speed ?! If you are also a fan of orchid games We suggest you do not miss Beat Stomper in any way!


Beat Stomper Android Games


Because you hav1.0.10e to match the timing of the character’s jump with the speed of mov1.0.10ing objects, and this kind of Beat StomperThe essence loses its charm; Rocky Hong clev1.0.10erly managed to make the most of this feature. Once you touch the screen of the smartphone, the main character jumps and if you repeat this while jumping, he will land quickly! Despite the excitement and simplicity of Beat Stomper gameplay mechanisms, the biggest attractions of this title go back to the audio and v1.0.10isual parts. Let us make a point here; No matter how much we praise music and graphics, we still can’t express the real feeling you get when you experience Rocky Hong. The game has eight different pieces and you can listen to them depending on the records you break! Interestingly, the env1.0.10ironment of each music is not the same. The charm of these two parts of Beat Stomper does not end there, and Rocky Hong has gone a few steps further; The env1.0.10ironment will be different when you decide to jump. This will continue until the end and depending on the area you are in, you can see new color filters. So do not worry about getting tired or repeating your experience! You can first v1.0.10iew images and trailers of the gameplay and, if desired, the first v1.0.10ersion with the mode of high-speed serv1.0.10ersDownload Usroid .

Version v1.0.101 changes:

* Release the first v1.0.10ersion of the game on Google Play.