BeatNav Metronome – Discover Your Tempo v1.0.0 – Professional and full- featured Android metronome application,
purchased for $ 3.99 – Introduced for the first time in Iran

One of the most important tools that musicians use when performing various pieces is the metronome. The metronome helps the musicians not to get out of rhythm and to show a great performance with its continuous and continuous beats. There are a variety of metronomes around the world; But this special tool has not escaped the spread of science and its latest versions have been released as applications for smart devices with different operating systems. Program BeatNav Metronome – Discover Your Tempo Paid a professional and full-featured metronome that by BEATNAV for AndroidDeveloped and published. Perhaps it can be said with certainty; This software is the first metronome that supports Metric Modulation system. Easily introduce a set of multiplication modes to the program in seconds and immediately assign new multiplications with new time intervals by assigning a specific number of multiplications to each type of defined system. Each time you set up, you will be able to introduce more than 32 different types of beats to the program so that you can play perfect music for your friends with this wonderful feature. In addition, the existing rhythmic lines ensure that you never get out of beat and make sure that your performance is in sync with other instruments.

Some features and capabilities of BeatNav Metronome – Discover Your Tempo Android app:

  • The first metronome with Metric Modulation feature
  • Ability to select more than 32 different multiplications per run
  • Create multiplications with different multiplication time modes per second
  • Italy speed indicators
  • Rhythmic lines to increase accuracy in not getting out of multiplication
  • Ability to edit and customize metronome
  • Create different rhythms and save them
  • Ability to run the program in the background

The BeatNav Metronome – Discover Your Tempo app has been released as one of the most complete metronomes available for $ 3.99 on the Google Play Market. This particular metronome has bought Active have to get the most current version of Usroid can be adjusted to run their example, did you sorry.

Changes in version v1.0.0:

* Release of the first version of the program on Google Play – released for the first time in Usroid.