Beet & Pete’s Car Dealer v2.0 – Simulation and strategy game “Beet & Pete Car Store” for Android,
purchased and complete version of the game for $ 1.99, presented to you,
tested with offline execution

Beet & Pete’s Car Dealer – Beet & Pete’s Car Dealer is the name of an interesting and different game in the style of strategic integration and simulation with management gameplay, which is offered as a paid game for $ 1.99 for Android phones and tablets. . The creator of this game is the American studio Flight Systems, which we had previously released other games such as Beetlejuice – Bad as Can and Flight Unlimited 2K16 in Usroid, and in this article we intend to release another game of this studio. Exclusively and for the first time in IranAt your service, we introduce our constant friends and companions. Just like Beetlejuice in Beet & Pete’s Car Dealer, we are with the famous Beet character. This game is a car buying and selling simulator in which you are in the role of two colleagues who own a car shop. They want to sell used cars again and modernize them, sell them again at a higher price, and thus grow their business. In fact, it can be said that in this game you have to play the role of car dealers! This game has different aspects and has different parts. The important part is finding and buying second-hand cars from others. After purchasing these cars, you should bring them to your own parking lot and do the next steps to prepare for the sale of the purchased cars. This part is followed just like a strategy game from the top view.


Beet & Pete's Car Dealer


In Beet & Pete’s Car DealerThere is an interesting part to concluding a contract with customers. This is what an office is like, the part where you have to negotiate with clients. If you agree with the purchase or sale price, you should reach out to the main character and confirm your agreement with this contract by shaking his hand! In another part of Beet & Pete’s Car Dealer game, you can ride in the cars in your parking lot and test them! This section is designed just like a driving simulation game, in which you can move the car from the third person and three-dimensional view and explore the city with it. There is also a very interesting system for testing the body of these cars. You can test cars by hitting obstacles! Destructibility and dynamic graphics make this part interesting and fun. If you hit the cars hard against the wall, you will see that their bodies will collapse! You can speed up the process of selling cars by hiring a dealer in your store. All in all, Beet & Pete’s Car Dealer has new and different features that can be a lot of fun and engaging. This game can be installed and used without the need for internet and data. You can now get the purchased and tested version of the Beat and Pete Machine Shop game for free fromDownload Usroid and become the biggest car seller!

Changes in version v2.0:

* Improved gameplay