Best Music Player and Lyrics Downloader (Ads Free) v3.4 – Music player application with Android text,
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Audio and video players have special features according to their abilities. One of these popular features is the display of music along with its playback, which in addition to increasing the attractiveness of music performance can be for people who are interested in singing; Be considered an exercise. To take advantage of this feature, users usually install separate tools that occupy the storage memory of information, and in this post we are going to introduce this feature with a player in your presence. Best Music Player and Lyrics Downloader (Ads Free)Title is a simple and functional music player with the ability to display music lyrics for Android, which was developed by jzulu2000 and published on Google Play. Easily play all your favorite music and make the most of their lyrics. There are two different ways to introduce music text to the program, the best of which can be considered automatic download of texts from the server of this player. When playing music, the lyrics also float on the screen and are displayed in full sync with the music. In addition, if you see that part of the text is typed incorrectly, you can edit and correct it.

Some features and capabilities of the Best Music Player and Lyrics Downloader (Ads Free) Android app:

  • Play music along with displaying their lyrics on the screen
  • Categorize music in groups such as artist, album and…
  • Ability to copy the content of the lyrics in the clipboard
  • معرفی دستی متن موزیک و یا دانلود آن از اینترنت
  • امکان ویرایش متن موزیک ها و یا حذفشان به صورت کامل
  • محیط کاربری بسیار ساده و آسان

اپلیکیشن Best Music Player and Lyrics Downloader (Ads Free) با برخورداری از امکانات و قابلیت هایی متنوع توسط توسعه دهنده اش با قیمت 1.99 دلار منتشر شده است. توجه کنید این برنامه تا کنون فروشی نداشته است که با دریافتش از سایت فارسروید بی شک جزو اولین کاربران آن در ایران و جهان خواهید بود ؛ در نسخه ما همه قابلیت ها به صورت رایگان در دسترس اند .

تغییرات نسخه v3.4 :

* بهبود UI برنامه + رفع مشکلات برنامه .


Best Music Player and Lyrics Downloader