BetterBatteryStats v2.5-344 – Android Battery Analysis App
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One of the most important hardware components used in smart devices are batteries. In many cases, users face problems such as rapid battery drain for various reasons. Rapid battery drain can have many causes, one of which can be spyware or malware. Unfortunately, for novice users or even sometimes professional Android users, it is not easy to detect such malicious tools. This issue has also become an excuse to decide to introduce a great software in the field of Android battery consumption analysis in this post. BetterBatteryStatsIs the title of an Android battery consumption analysis application developed by Sven Knispel and published on Google Play. This program has a very simple environment to help you identify the various causes of battery drain in a very short time. Once installed, the startup monitors all applications and even the device kernel to record any unauthorized use. The consumption information of each software as well as the kernel and the screen are recorded separately so that they never interfere. You can change the theme of the program and customize its environment according to your needs.

Some features and capabilities of BetterBatteryStats Android app:

  • Super easy system to detect battery drain factors
  • Display battery consumption information separately
  • Monitor all smartphone processes 24 hours a day
  • Access kernel battery information
  • Display information in the form of understandable graphs
  • Ability to change the theme between dark and light modes
  • Simple and easy user interface

BetterBatteryStats application with various features and capabilities has been able to get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with its price of $ 1.99, which you can now buy the latest version of it from the most visited and rich content website of Fars Get. In our version, all features are available for free and without time limit.