Bid Wars 3 – Auction Tycoon v1.9.0 – Strategic Simulation Game for Android
Experience Global Bidding and Auctions in a Mobile Simulation Game
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Bid Wars 3 – Auction Tycoon – رقابت مزایده‌بازها 3 is a strategy and simulation game for Android, developed by Aliens L.L.C – F.Z and published on Google Play. As you know, some activities are not possible for us in the real world. These limitations are created for various reasons for each person. However, experiencing some of these activities can be enjoyable and provide us with an unprecedented excitement. One of the best ways to experience impossible activities in the real world is to experience them in the world of computer games. A world where there are no limitations and you can do various things as you wish. Android game Bid Wars 3 – Auction Tycoon is one of those titles that not only puts you in the position of a great merchant, but also helps you participate in various auctions of valuable items around the world and challenge your trading skills. Everything is simple, just participate in various auctions and offer the best possible price for buying goods. Of course, everything is not as simple as it sounds, as your competitors also intend to offer their proposals in the form of suitable prices! So, it is up to you to offer the best prices to win the competitions. One of the points that caught our attention in the game Bid Wars 3 – Auction Tycoon is the strategic decision-making system that it is based on. When starting the game, you should keep in mind that winning all auctions is not a wise decision and can ultimately harm you. So it is better to offer higher buying prices when you see a suitable item. After buying second-hand items, renovate them and sell them at a much higher price to make a considerable profit in a short period of time. As you progress in the game, you will earn large sums of money that you have to use to build a business empire. During the gameplay of the simulation game Bid Wars 3 – Auction Tycoon, a variety of items such as cars, clothes, balls, cutlery, or any other valuable item will be put up for auction and you can offer your bids to buy each of them.

Some features of the simulation-strategy game Bid Wars 3 – Auction Tycoon for Android:

  • Participation in various auctions and bids around the world
  • Reconstruction and repair of various items for sale at higher prices
  • Advanced bargaining system to reduce purchase prices as much as possible
  • Using appropriate strategies to win bids
  • Creating a large commercial empire around the world
  • Collecting a collection of the most popular and valuable items

The game Bid Wars 3 – Auction Tycoon is an exciting and mesmerizing strategic title in the field of experiencing real auctions and bids around the world, which puts you in the position of a professional trader and dealer. Bid Wars 3 with millions of downloads has managed to score 4.5 out of 5.0 by Android gamers. You can now download the latest official version of this incredible game from the popular website Usroid.

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Bid Wars 3