Big Hunter v2.9.11 Mod – a fascinating and interesting game for the great Android hunter!
The regular version is the mod version with the aforementioned
offline game features

Big Hunter a great and fun game hunter to fill your free time from KAKAROD INTERACTIVE game development studio for Android It has been published for free on Google Play and has been downloaded more than 10 million times by Android users all over the world and is one of the most popular! In this game, you are the head of a tribe in ancient times, and unfortunately, this tribe has suffered from a famine caused by drought. As the head of the tribe, you are responsible for providing for the needs of your people; That’s why you go hunting for giant mammoths so that by killing them, you can survive a famine! Of course, in the game, you don’t see your tribe or people, and only at the beginning of the game, this story is defined for you, and it obliges you to hunt mammoths with spears! Every day you go to fight a mammoth and every day you have to hunt the mammoth in different ways; For example, at a specific time or with a certain number of spears! The key to victory in the playoffs is to keep hitting Mammoth. The first hits have a low score, but if you can hit Mammoth without a shot, you can complete it in a matter of seconds; A total of 3 modes for there is a game : in the first case the number of spears is limited and you have to use a certain number of mammoths, in the second case there is a time limit and in the allotted time you have to complete the mammoth work, but in the third case a little It is more difficult, in addition to paying attention to the time and number of spears, you must hit the marked points on Mammoth’s body! If you are looking for a unique game to spend your free time, Big Hunter is without a doubt one of the best offers!


Big Hunter Android Games


Game Big Hunter has been well-received and managed a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 and win the game In total, it consists of 100 stages, and some of these stages are so difficult that they drive you crazy! Graphically, the game is very simple and attractive at the same time, the yellow background and the setting sun convey a good feeling to the player! The music of the game is played continuously in the style of African tribal instruments, except for the music of Mammoth’s moans after the spears hit and the happiness of the tribal leader after Mammoth’s death are the only sounds you hear in the game! In general, Big Hunter is very attractive with its simplicity of graphics and enthusiasm, and considering the 10 million statistics of Google Play, we realize that it is also very popular! You can download the latest and latest version of this fascinating and interesting game along with mod from high speed Usroid servers for your tablet or Android phone and entertain yourself for hours!

Changes to version v2.9.11:

* New features to fix bugs and various optimizations.