Bikes Hill v2.4.0 + Mod – Hill biking game for Android
Normal version + Mod version (Unlimited gold) individually
tested with offline performance

Bikes Hill – Cycling in the hillsThe title of a game in the racing genre has been published by VOODOO game development studio for Android devices. VOODOO game development studio is the creator of great works such as Draw Climber and Draw Joust and has a successful track record in the Android market with tens of games and millions of downloads. Bikes Hill is another great game from this game studio that has been able to bring an exciting and fun experience by providing a simple gameplay. The gameplay is very simple and the mechanisms are not complicated at all. This game shows why VOODOO game development studio is one of the most famous mobile game development studios. Based on the gameplay style of another game called Dune, Bikes Hill puts you in the role of a cyclist who must try to overtake his rivals on a race track and take the top spot. Your race track is completely straight and has no twists and turns at all. But there are hills along the way that you should be able to cross. These hills are not obstacles and are simply designed to stop you from speeding up and accelerating. Speed ​​and acceleration along with accuracy and timing play the first role in the game. When you put your finger on the screen, the cyclist starts to move, and when you take your finger off the screen, it flies in the sky, and when you put your finger on the screen again, Flying descends. This gameplay mechanism is exactly the same mechanism used in Dune game, and if you are familiar with that game, you can easily assign the first places to yourself and move forward in the game stages. But if you are not familiar with Dune, with a little trial and error, you will be able to play easily. You just have to fly off the hills at the right time to reach the top and land on the hills at the right time so you don’t get killed.


Bikes Hill


Fortunately in Bikes HillThere is no set life span for the cyclist and you can easily return to the game and start again whenever you are killed. The better positions you can get, the more money you can earn. You can also save money if you have the right schedule. Then you can unlock new characters and features with the same money and enjoy playing. Overall, the gameplay is satisfying and offers a game that you can have hours of fun and enjoy the thrill of cycling in the hills. You have many different routes and hills in front of you that provide you with a unique challenge. Controls are at their easiest, and they are definitely not something you can handle. The gameplay is fast paced and not only boring and addictive but addictive. In terms of appearance, the graphic space of the game is normal and not something you have not seen before, but still the artistic design of the game world is good and acceptable animations and effects have been used in the game. There is no specific sound in the game that we want to talk about, but in general, the soundtrack of the game creates a suitable atmosphere for the game. Bikes HillIt has a good score of 4.0 out of 5.0 in the Android Market and with over 10,000,000 active installs, it has been met with exceptional acceptance by gamers. Therefore, Usroid teamintends to provide this popular and popular game in two versions, original and mod, and without any restrictions for you dear ones. Now you can download this game, which has already been tested by our team, through the direct links at the end of the article, and enjoy running it!

Note: The mode version of the mode version is such that you receive a large amount of coins for passing levels [After passing the level, exit the game and the game will run again].

Changes in version v2.4.0:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting