One of the latest measures of banks in order to customer orientation and reduce unnecessary travel between cities is to increase the culture of electronic banking. According to this principle, the mobile application of the Bank of Industry and Mines has made many efforts to expand this type of banking and improve the quality of services by providing various services to holders of short-term accounts and Qarz al-Hasna. bim – with the Bank of Industry and MinesIs the title of the mobile application of Bank Sanat va Ma’dan, which was developed and published by Innovation and Development for Android. The set of features available in this app allows its users to reduce face-to-face visits to the bank as much as possible and perform any type of service at any time of the day or night. Knowing account balances, bills, check inquiries and و are just a few of the endless features of this unique tool that can be considered unique in its kind. Everything in this software is customizable and personalized and you can change it according to your needs according to the situation. It is better not to miss this program and follow us to receive it.

Some features and capabilities of bim Android app:

  • Notice of account balance
  • View bills
  • Ability to transfer funds between a customer’s accounts
  • Inquire and determine the amount of the check
  • Ability to pay bills by account or card
  • Missing and blocking the card
  • Display exchange rates
  • Announcement of Iran Bank Account ID (Sheba)
  • Announce inquiries for the last three rounds of the account automatically and daily
  • Ability to change program settings

According to the mentioned capabilities, Bim application provides various facilities to the account holders of Sanat va Ma’dan Bank, and its customers can now download its latest version completely free of charge from the reputable Usroid website; This mobile bank, like other mobile phones available in Usroid, is offered for free by the bank and you can download it with one click.

Changes in version v4.17.5:

* No changes have been mentioned by the developer bank for this version of the program.