BimmerLink for BMW and Mini v2.25.0-5056  – BimmerLink for mini and BMW cars and unlocked and complete version of the program

In today’s cars, there is an internal system that controls a set of sensors and notifies the car owner in the event of an error in various ways. This system is connected to the computer through an OBD interface and repairmen can access its information through special software. By installing an adapter on this interface, this information can be accessed wirelessly from the phone, and today we are at your service with a program to do this. BimmerLink for BMW and MiniSG Software GmbH & Co. is the title of an application for connecting BMW and mini cars to smartphones and accessing its error codes. KG developed and released for free on Google Play. With this program, you can check the current status of sensors and DPF in your car or register it in the car system after replacing the battery. BimmerLink even lets you remotely control the exhaust flap or mute the simulated sound in the car. You can read error codes from all your car control units. Existing error codes can be easily deleted, and in addition to the error memory, errors related to data memory and permanent error memory can also be read. This software provides a huge selection of values ​​such as oil temperature or pressure increase. With a personal dashboard, you can customize and change all the important parameters of your car. The program also allows you to activate the electromechanical parking brake service mode. In addition, BimmerLink lets you check the current status of the diesel particulate filter in your car. Find out when the last regeneration occurred or how much ash has accumulated in the filter and start the reconstruction with the touch of a button.

Some features and capabilities of BimmerLink for BMW and Mini Android application :

  • Full display of the status of all car sensors
  • Access to all error codes
  • Clear error codes from all car memories
  • Display various vehicle parameters such as oil temperature or pressure increase, with the ability to change and customize them
  • Ability to turn off the sound produced by the car
  • Complete check of the particle filter status and display its replacement or reconstruction date
  • Easy registration of new batteries on the car system
  • Activation of the park brake service

The BimmerLink for BMW and Mini application is a useful tool for owners of mini and BMW cars, which has recently been offered for free, but with in-app payments and access restrictions on Google Play, which you can now unlock and without. Download the limitations of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v2.25.0-5056 : 

* Dashboard
* Reading / clearing error memory
* values of the sensor
* regeneration DPF
* Registration battery
* controlled exhaust flap
* Control sound design
* Enable or Disable Parking Brake Service
* Bug fixes


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