Bird Mail Email App v23388 PRO Patched – A great app for managing your email accounts
4.6 out of 5.0 and priced at $ 3.99 on Google Play

Bird Mail Email App is one of the most powerful, best and most complete Android software in the field of email management, which is offered by Glox & ro programming group and is one of the most popular. With this software application can be professional and easy to access on your email accounts. The application of all the services Yahoo , Gmail, Hotmail, and… support allows you to submit multiple accounts to the app at once and access them all at once, and experience the best email management client on your smartphone or Bring your Android tablet. If you are one of the people who have to check and access your email accounts in Gmail, Yahoo, Rocket Mail and سرویس services during the day, we offer you the multi-dollar Bird Mail Email App . And do not miss it because it is the best option.

Some features and capabilities of Bird Mail Email App for Android:

  • Ability to form group chats with your contacts in the services
  • Support for multiple accounts to add multiple accounts
  • Mail Box section for easy access to all accounts in one place
  • Automatic startup support for all email providers
  • Having a dedicated widget for easy access and account management
  • Ability to download attachments in emails or upload files easily
  • Having two different light and dark themes with the possibility of selection by the user
  • Ability to download all incoming or outgoing emails in memory
  • Supports 27 living languages ​​of the world including English, Arabic , French and…
  • Support for Yahoo, rocketmail, ymail, hotmail, outlook, gmail and سرویس services

اپلیکیشن Bird Mail Email App هم اکنون در پلی استور با قیمت 3.99 دلار به فروش می رود و دارای امتیاز 4.0 از 5.0 است که ما امروز در فارسروید جدیدترین نسخه ان را در اختیار شما قرار می دهیم. بهتر است این نکته نیز ذکر شود که نسخه ای از برنامه Bird Mail Email App را که برای شما قرار داده ایم نسخه حرفه ای و خریداری شده است و تمامی قابلیت ها در دسترس هستند و به صورت نامحدود می توانید از قابلیت ها استفاده کنید.


Bird Mail Email App