BirdNerd – Bird Song Identifier v1.0.9b – Android App for Bird Identification by Sound
Full and Premium version of the program worth $5.99

BirdNerd – Bird Song Identifier is the title of an application for identifying birds by their sound, developed by Bird Nerd LLC and available on Google Play. Many birds live around us, each with their own unique characteristics. Due to our great interest in birds, we sometimes keep them as pets. You may have also encountered beautiful birds with delightful songs during walks or trips to the forest. Of course, we cannot identify all of these birds and remember their details. Therefore, we need to use a specific reference for identification. One of the best references for identifying birds is Android smartphones! The BirdNerd – Bird Song Identifier software, with its special features and capabilities, helps users easily identify and access specific information about all types of birds without any restrictions. To identify any type of bird, simply activate the program while it is singing, and let this smart app do the rest. A neural network system analyzes the sounds received from the environment and quickly displays the bird’s characteristics. Hundreds of different bird species are supported by this unique startup app, which maximizes identification capabilities. Another notable feature is noise reduction. Whether you record bird sounds in a city or a silent environment, the intelligent system removes the sounds of cars, humans, etc., and only identifies the bird’s song. After identifying your desired bird, you will be able to access complete information about it and study all of its features.

Some features and capabilities of the BirdNerd – Bird Song Identifier Android app:

  • Identification of different types of birds solely through their sound
  • Elimination of all surrounding noises such as car and human sounds
  • Support for the characteristics of hundreds of birds worldwide
  • Utilization of advanced neural network systems for bird identification
  • Access to accurate information related to identified birds
  • Very simple and easy-to-use user interface

The BirdNerd – Bird Song Identifier application, with its special features and capabilities, has been released for free by its developer along with a $5.99 in-app purchase on Google Play. You can now download the latest version of this amazing app without any limitations from the direct links on the Usroid website.


BirdNerd - Bird Song Identifier