Bitcoin Wallet v6.9.9 – Bitcoin wallet application for Android,
the original and complete version of the program dedicated to you dear ones

The origins of digital currencies go back to the 1990s. Since then, various currency codes have been unveiled that had strong backers such as gold. But it is not the backing that determines the value of these digital currencies, but their practicality and popularity among users. The use of digital currencies has increased so much that in many countries today, merchants or business owners, large and small, receive or make payments using these currencies. There are many digital currencies in the world, but the most valuable of them is bitcoin, which is increasing in value year by year. Due to the growth of bitcoin value, we are also witnessing an increase in the value of its forks, such as bitcoin cache. Digital currencies are stored in the dedicated wallets of each currency, which will also be divided into two categories: physical and virtual. Of course, making physical wallets is not easy and we have to pay to buy them, but because digital wallets are free, many users use this category. It should be noted, however, that choosing the type of wallet and service provider is very important, because if your wallet does not have enough security, in the blink of an eye, hackers will transfer all your life capital to their account. However, in this post, we want to introduce you to a special software to get a great security wallet. Bitcoin WalletIs the title of a Bitcoin wallet application developed by and published on Google Play. This unique program allows you dear ones to easily create a virtual wallet and transfer your digital currencies to them. Undoubtedly, the above startup is a complete package for digital currency holders! By installing this smart app, you will be able to easily check the price of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cache, Light Coin, Atrium and.. Monitor the global trading market and simply buy and sell the currencies you want. The fast transfer system allows you to transfer digital currencies to different wallets or convert one currency to another. This software tries to receive the lowest commission from its users in trades, which is very significant. You, dear ones, can make various notes while making transactions, so that you do not forget the details in the next transactions. Finally, we must pay attention to the very high security of the wallet provided; Which helps you to trade safely.

Some features and capabilities of Bitcoin Wallet Android app:

  • Very easy trading of bitcoins and other digital currencies in one environment
  • Full view of all currencies traded by other users
  • Organize your currencies in a dedicated wallet created by the software
  • Quick exchange of currencies and their conversion to each other
  • See the true value of each digital currency instantly
  • Pay invoices or easily transfer digital currencies to other wallets
  • Extremely high security to protect your property
  • Ability to display Fiat currencies next to Bitcoin
  • Adjust the payment fee (commission) according to your taste for quick confirmation of transactions
  • Add personal notes to all exchanges done

Bitcoin Wallet application has been published for free on Google Play by its developer with the benefit of great features and capabilities in the field of digital currency management and trading. Now you can download the latest original and complete version of this software from the powerful servers of the large Usroid website .


Bitcoin Wallet