BlackList v5.0 PRO – Powerful and excellent software for managing the blacklist of Android calls
Unlocked version with all the features only in Usroid (Pro & Unlocked)

There are various applications in the field of blacklist management for calls and SMS for Android , and we have introduced several of them to you so far. Today we are going to introduce one of the most complete, most popular and best contact list management applications from AntTek Mobile programming group called BlackList , which you can use professionally and comprehensively on the black and white list for calls and Manage your device SMS! Maybe you are one of the users who like to get rid of special and annoying numbers to receive calls and SMS. We offer you the BlackList application , which has a simple user interface but rich and powerful features of the experience. Brings you the best call management app.

You might say to yourself, this great app is now selling for a few dollars on Google Play !? You may not believe that the great BlackList program , which is easily installed and run on most devices without any process such as root, has been released for free and has been unparalleled!

Some features and capabilities of the BlackList Android application:

* Put the phone number in the blacklist for not receiving calls and text messages

* Having a powerful function to block text messages containing specific words!

* Manage blacklists with tasks such as interrupt ringtones , end calls and more

* Configuration includes hiding the BlackList app icon from being seen by others

* Having a dedicated widget to place on the mobile home screen for quick access

* Includes other features such as password protection , backup and restore settings and dozens of other features

BlackList application with a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 is one of the top Android shadow list applications that we provide the latest version of it for free in Usroid today .

Note: version ahead of schedule the BlackList Pro version is unlocked and can name it BlackList Pro Unlocked leave !!

Changes in version v5.0:

* Troubleshoot and improve app performance


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