Blade Crafter 2 v2.53 + Mod – The exciting role-playing game “Sword Maker 2” for Android,
regular version + mod version (unlimited money) tested separately
with offline execution

Blade Crafter 2 – Sword Maker 2 is the second title and the second part of the Blade Crafter game series , which was produced after the global popularity of the first part and was presented in the same way, ie for free for the Android operating system. South Korea’s Studio Drill Studio is responsible for making and releasing the game. Just like the first part, which we published as the first introductory website, this time for the first time in IranWe are introducing and launching Blade Crafter 2. The creators of the game have used the same elements of the first part for the second part, but this time they have considered more items and capabilities for the Sword Maker 2 game. If you are familiar with the first part, you know what the style of this series of games is. Blade Crafter 2, like the previous part, is made of a combination of role-playing and click gameplay, and this time you can experience the same interesting features with new sections and better designs! In Blade Crafter 2, you are a sword maker! Your main hero is the swords made by you. These legendary swords are just like a real hero who walks and fights! You have to prepare your swords during the game and enter the battlefield.


Blade Crafter 2


Blade Crafter 2 during the gameYou can enjoy the presence of other heroes as well as legendary and of course funny creatures like dragons. Swordsman 2 also has an interesting and unique upgrade system where you can unlock dozens of different items such as weapons, weapons, armor and upgrade your 4 heroes. Also, in order to increase the attractiveness of the game, there are rare and beautiful jewels in different parts of it that you can discover and collect. This game has more than 100 stages. Your enemies are becoming increasingly difficult and powerful, and at the end of some stages you have to face the bosses. In the end, you have to go to the main and gigantic boss and win him a complete victory! The game’s simple, fancy graphics make it look a bit childish, but the challenging gameplay and role-playing isn’t easy to handle. The game’s interesting style, good size and many features make Blade Crafter 2 a fun and popular game. This game is here to continue the success of the previous episode! If you are interested in role-playing games and clichés, we suggest you try this beautiful game. To do this, you can test the regular or modified version of itGet Usroid and keep yourself entertained for a long time. It is worth mentioning that Sword Maker 2 game has more than 100 thousand downloads and the score obtained by it is 4.4 out of 5.0 .

Changes to version v2.53:

* Various optimizations and troubleshooting