Block WiFi Thief Pro version – Ads Free! v1.0.10 – Identification application for people connected to the Android Wi-Fi network
Purchased version for $ 2.99 Dedicated to you dear ones

It must have happened to you that in some cases the speed of the Wi-Fi network has slowed down a lot and you do not know the reason for the slowdown of the Internet! One of the reasons for the slow speed of the Internet is the anonymous people connected to it; The best way to prevent anonymous people from connecting to your Wi-Fi network is to use smart security tools. In this post, we want to introduce one of the best of these applications to you dear ones at your request. Block WiFi Thief Pro version – Ads Free! Is the title of a security application for identifying devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, developed by WiFi Us for Android.It’s been published. With the help of this simple tool, you can easily see all the devices connected to Wi-Fi and stop it if you find any anonymous connection. You will also have access to various information such as IP, MAC address, Gateway and با by finding each connection. If you do not want to spend a lot of time identifying devices in any search, just introduce the list of authorized connected devices to the software to significantly reduce scan time.

Some features and capabilities of Block WiFi Thief Pro version – Ads Free! Android :

  • Very simple and easy UI
  • Quick access to the IP of devices connected to WiFi
  • Ways to prevent free loaders from connecting
  • High speed in scanning information
  • Disconnect any anonymous connections to the Wi-Fi network
  • Display various information from connected devices such as GetVay, MAC address and آدر
  • Compatibility with a variety of routers such as D-Link, T-Link and
  • Reminder to change the router password at specified intervals
  • Multi-language support

Block WiFi Thief Pro version security application – Ads Free! Due to its importance for maintaining the security of the Wi-Fi network, it has been able to gain the trust of users with its price of $ 2.99. This software has only 50 active downloads so far, and by receiving the purchased version from Usroid, you will be one of the first global users.

Changes in version v1.0.10:

* Program performance optimization + bug fixes.