Blood Pressure Tracker & Checker – Cardio journal v3.3.5 Blood pressure record and tracking book and other related items with all the details in Android
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In today’s world, the use of fatty and sweet foods and processed products is much more common than in the past. Due to the lack of time for cooking, the use of fast food and canned food has also become very popular. All of this has caused the blood pressure of many people in the community to go out of the normal, to the critical direction. High blood pressure has a variety of factors that may not show up in youth and become more common in older people. In a general definition, blood pressure is the amount of pressure that flowing blood exerts on the arteries. Excessive consumption of harmful foods and substances such as oil and salt causes the inner surface of the arteries to deposit and eventually increase the pressure on their walls. High blood pressure causes the human body to have a variety of problems, one of which is heart attacks and even death. Therefore, it is necessary for people with high blood pressure to constantly measure their blood pressure and avoid it by controlling the food they eat and changing their lifestyle. It is necessary to do so; Each time blood pressure is measured, it is recorded and stored with sufficient explanations so that by analyzing this data in a certain period of time, a comprehensive view of the body condition, health and its process can be obtained. Today we are at your service with an application to do this on your smartphone.Blood Pressure Tracker & Checker – Cardio journal is a great application for recording and tracking blood pressure in full detail and comprehensive analysis, for the Android operating system, developed by mEL Studio software group and published for free on Google Play. This program allows you to record your blood pressure and heart rate and heart rate on a regular basis and after a certain period of time using a variety of tools and charts to analyze this data or from it Use to report to your doctor and help your treatment process. This app is a great help and a smart assistant for those who suffer from heart problems and high heart rate.

Some features and capabilities of Blood Pressure Tracker & Checker – Cardio journal Android application :

  • Add a tonometer with just one button – monitor and record blood pressure, systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight, add notes for each measurement.
  • Daily Health and Wellness Control – Creating a correlation between blood pressure and mood
  • Has an intelligent tagging system. Using this system will help you better understand the process of change and its relationship with other factors.
  • View data and statistics in 11 different charts
  • Follow up on drugs and analyze their effectiveness
  • Has an efficient notification system to remind different cases
  • Ability to output and send program information in the form of txt, excel and pdf files
  • Automatic backup of application information

App Blood Pressure Tracker & Checker – Cardio journal , with the consent of Android users could Score 4.1 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the unlocked version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free. This program has been introduced at your request and now its latest full version is in front of you.

Changes in version v3.3.5 : 

* Update system libraries
* Ability to add pulse range
* Ability to delete records with time periods


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