Blood Sugar Diary – Health Tracker v1.4 – Simple and practical health tracker application for Android
Professional and complete version of the program worth $ 1.99

Blood Sugar Diary – Health TrackerIs a simple and practical human health tracker application developed by Visionary Labs and published on Google Play. Various factors are involved in maintaining our human health. Everyone should have a complete body scan several times during their life in order to cure themselves immediately if there are any problems. Our human body, due to its high resistance, usually manifests its problems very late, so it is necessary to measure health factors regularly. Several different factors play a role in our physical health, the most important of which are blood sugar, weight, cholesterol and.. Storing this data over time is not an easy task and can cause confusion. Blood Sugar Diary – Health Tracker software is the best option available for tracking physical health in a very simple environment. This startup allows its users to easily store the data received from daily tests in the memory of their smartphone and store them in a categorized way. The most important information that the app allows you to store in memory are hemoglobin level, blood sugar, weight and blood pressure. As mentioned above, all of this data is regularly stored in a categorized state and over time forms a graph that by viewing this graph you will be able to have an easy understanding of your level of physical health. . If needed, you will be able to make a backup copy of this information and share it with your doctor in PDF or Excel format. Mood tags provide a way to check your mood and find out how your mood has changed over time.

Some features and capabilities of Blood Sugar Diary – Health Tracker Android app:

  • Physical health tracker with a simple environment
  • Storing information such as blood pressure , blood sugar, weight, hemoglobin level and…
  • Categorize and sort all the information stored in the software
  • Display existing information in the form of graphs
  • Make a backup and save it on cloud servers
  • Receive data output in PDF or Excel formats
  • Option to set units of measurement
  • Determine moods by tags every day

The Blood Sugar Diary – Health Tracker app has been released for free by its developer for $ 1.99 with its in-health features, and you can now download the latest professional and complete version. Get the fast servers of Usroid website without any restrictions .


Blood Sugar Diary - Health Tracker