BlueDict in Persian “Blue Dict” is the most powerful, popular and best English to Persian dictionary from yhssdl studio for Android devices.With its full support of Persian language and having a complete and strong database, it has been able to gain high popularity among Android users. It also supports M Dict, one of the best Windows Mobile platforms. An excellent program with a good dictionary that can easily support various data formats such as MDict, images, text to speech, voice recording, HTML, voice recording, css! This program gives you the ability to read e-books as well as search through Google!

Some of the features of the popular BlueDict Android application:

  • Ability to convert text to speech
  • Ability to change the font and background color of the program
  • Having completely Persian menus
  • Ability to read translation of texts such as Moon Reader
  • Having a section of interests
  • And dozens of other features

In addition to downloading the latest version of BlueDict and its database file, you can see how to use the above dictionary! This dictionary has been downloaded more than 5200 thousand times by Android users all over the world and has managed to get a good score of 4.5 out of 5.0 . Join us to get the latest full version of this app from Usroid high-speed servers.


BlueDict Database - English to Persian dictionary for Android