Bluetooth File Transfer is a simple and excellent software with an easy-to-use environment from the Medieval Software development group in the field of Bluetooth management for Android , which is designed for all people who face limitations in the field of Bluetooth on their smartphone or tablet. Having dozens of great and practical features brings you the experience of the best Bluetooth full management application. We are all users who undoubtedly use our mobile Bluetooth several times a day to send and receive photos and other files. What good is it by managing the upcoming program professionally on our mobile Bluetooth section? Let’s be! Bluetooth File Transfer software, despite its very small size, ie two megabytes, includes a variety of excellent and useful features, with more than 50 million users from around the world from the top applicationCommunication is a Play Store. As you know, the use of Bluetooth is somewhat outdated, but if you are one of those people who want to have more control over Bluetooth actions, this program is made for you.

Some features and capabilities of Bluetooth File Transfer Android application:

  • Easy sending and receiving of all types of mobile files via Bluetooth
  • Display complete information of sending and receiving files in the status bar
  • View thumbnails for apk files, video, audio and more
  • Easy connection to a variety of older devices such as Nokia , Sony, etc.
  • A variety of processes of copying, moving, deleting, etc. with a single file manager
  • Shortcuts for easy and fast access to the app and Bluetooth
  • Ability to select the desired location for the received files
  • Multiselect support for users to select multiple files
  • Ability to sort handy file types based on multiple parameters
  • Support for several living languages ​​of the world including: English, German and so on

The Bluetooth File Transfer application currently has a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 on Google Play , and we provide you with the latest version of it today on Usroid . The version of the Bluetooth File Transfer application that we have provided for you is an unlocked version without ads and all its features are available!


Bluetooth File Transfer Android