Bob The Robber 3 v1.8.12 + Mod – Action-packed and entertaining game “Bob The Robber 3” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (removing ads + infinite checkpoint) separately
Tested offline

Bob The Robber 3 – باب دزده 3 is the third installment in the action and stealth game series Bob The Robber, developed by Kizi Games, a Dutch game development company. The game is available for free on Google Play, but also offers in-app purchases. We have also obtained and released this game at the same time as its launch, at the request of our beloved users, and as the first Iranian website, we offer this game to you, our friends, along with its exclusive modded version. In another article on the Usroid website, we have also introduced Bob The Robber 4, the fourth installment of this game, which you can download for free, along with its modded version, by clicking on its name and entering its corresponding page. Bob The Robber 3 is almost one-third the size of the fourth installment and is one of the smallest and lightest action games for Android. Although this title is very simple and lightweight, it is very exciting. In Bob The Robber 3, you play as the main character of the Bob The Robber game series, Bob, who is a professional thief. Bob receives orders from various clients and tries to steal what they are looking for by infiltrating sensitive and secure areas in exchange for a high fee!


Bob The Robber 3


In the game Bob The Robber 3, just like other games in this series, the same storyline is followed. You take on theft orders in 10 general stages and try to steal various objects in dangerous, sensitive, and highly professional missions in places that are difficult to pass through. Your main goal throughout the game is to go from a starting point to a destination point. Along the way, you must pass through various obstacles and collect various items. In addition to the main items, there are also special secondary and bonus items that by collecting them, you can fully score the levels. But there are also things in these levels that make the job difficult and challenging for you. The most important of these are the closed-circuit cameras that, if they see you, the danger alarm will sound and you will lose. Although these cameras change direction every few seconds, which means an opportunity to escape their sight! In addition to cameras, there are also guards in different sections that you either have to leave them in place or knock them unconscious before they notice you. In the game Bob The Robber 3, there are also simple and repetitive puzzles to open locks and …. Overall, it can be said that this game is an entertaining and skillful game that can keep you entertained for a short time despite its very small size. You can get the latest official version of Bob The Robber 3 along with the exclusive modded version from Usroid in the download box section. Bob The Robber 3 has been downloaded more than 10 million times.