Books of Wonders v1.14.4 + Mod – Fantasy puzzle game “Book of Wonders” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (Unlimited money) individually
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Books of Wonders – Books of Wonders, full name Books of Wonders – Hidden Object Games Collection, is a title in the style of puzzles and games of Hidden Objects that are free but with in-app payments by Webelinx Games doo studio. Released for Android devices. Usroid as the first Iranian websiteIntroduces, reviews and publishes this game for you dear ones and has prepared the latest official and final version along with a separate version of the mode. So if you are a fan of puzzle, puzzle and adventure games of Hidden Object type, join us in introducing and reviewing this beautiful game. Books of Wonders – Hidden Object Games Collection is based on many famous and classic titles that have been published in the style of hidden objects over the years. The game designs are completely fantasy and cartoonish, and in the best possible way, they instill in the audience the feeling and feeling that a game in this style should have. In this game, you travel to an interesting, exciting and of course mysterious world, and in this adventurous journey, you are supposed to face various puzzles and riddles, and by solving them, you will understand the story of the game. This fantasy and mysterious world is actually a large and old library that is said to contain strange and mysterious books that can reveal an incredible amount of information to the readers of these books. They may even have some interesting predictions for you!


Books of Wonders - Hidden Object Games Collection


بازی Books of Wonders – Hidden Object Games CollectionJust like its name, it is a collection of Hayden Object games. Each game is a separate adventure, and each adventure is a story told from a mysterious book from this strange but magnificent library! There are tens and maybe hundreds of thousands of different books in this library, each telling a specific story. So it is not surprising that if you enter this library, you will encounter tens of thousands of different and mysterious stories! The game developer claims that there are more than 1000 fun and of course different stages in Books of Wonders – Hidden Object Games Collection. Such a claim, in turn, can be very specific and significant. Among these 1000 stages, more than 100 different stories are told. Your task in this game is to enter into these adventures and find the secrets of each book. To do this, you have to solve puzzles in the puzzle steps and find the hidden objects in the picture and put them in their original place. Due to the high number of stages and of course the attractive structure of the game, we can say that Books of Wonders – Hidden Object Games Collection is one of the most well-made and evolved games offered to date in the style of Hidden Objects. So if you are a fan of such games, do not procrastinate and now from direct linksUsroid Get the latest version of this game in normal or mod.