Boomby – Explosive puzzle v1.07 + Mod – Fun puzzle game “Bomby: Explosive puzzle” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite money) individually
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Boomby – Explosive puzzle – Bomb: Explosive puzzle Another brilliant and well-made work of the Russian studio HeroCraft Ltd, creator of various and popular games such as Hyperforma , Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG , Tap Tap Builder , Tempest: Pirate Action RPG , Treasures of Montezuma , The Tiny Bang Story , Marble Duel , Superfarmers or Tribe Blast: Puzzle Story . Boomby – Explosive puzzle game is available for free in the form of a puzzle game on Google Play for Android players around the world. Usroid once again and for the first time among all Iranian sitesIntroduces, reviews and publishes the latest version of another well-made and attractive game for you dear ones, and presents the latest official and original version along with a mod version for download. If we take a look at the titles previously released by HeroCraft Studio, we find that the studio develops different styles of games, but focuses more on puzzle, jigsaw and puzzle styles. While most of these games had a similar shape and image, Boomby – Explosive puzzle is known as one of the most unique games of this studio, which after dozens of previous experiences, is a complete and evolved game. River because it has been well learned from the previous shortcomings in making this game and the result is something special and lovely.


Boomby - Explosive puzzle


Game Boomby – Explosive puzzleIt is actually a collection of mini-games and experimental puzzles that are all provided to you in a package. In this game you are in the role of a small and funny creature called Boomby who starts a puzzle adventure and has to solve dozens of different puzzles. The nature of these puzzles may be similar in appearance, but the mechanism of each is unique. According to the game developer, there are more than 120 challenging, fascinating, exciting and very fun stages in Boomby – Explosive puzzle. At each stage, you have a specific goal that you can realize before completing each step. Another interesting and admirable point of the game is its excellent designs and graphic details in relation to the volume. The game is made with 3D modeling and very good environmental designs that are very eye-catching. The gameplay style is such that according to the game developer, doing these puzzles will be attractive for all ages. These puzzles have a simple appearance, but it is better to know that it will be very challenging to solve these puzzles and master the game mechanisms. To solve each stage of the bomb game: Explosive Puzzle you will need all your focus and even a second of negligence can lead to your loss. So prepare yourself, because there are dozens of physical and mental puzzles and puzzles in front of you! To get more acquainted with the nature of some of these puzzles, you can watch the video of the game introduction trailer and then, if you wish, from the servers.Usroid Download the game.