Box Office Tycoon v2.0.1 + Mod – Android box office tycoon
Normal version + mod version (infinite prizes) separately
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Box Office Tycoon is the name of a game in the entertainment genre published by Hothead Games for Android devices. Hothead Games has already released good games for gamers and has a successful game development record in the Android Market with dozens of games and millions of downloads. Box Office Tycoon is another good game of this idol-style game development studio, which has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times in the Android Market in less than 1 month and has been unparalleled by gamers. Despite the proliferation of idol games on gaming platforms, Box Office Tycoon still has a variety of features and uses mechanisms that are unique. Of course, the usual elements of idol games that fans of this genre love and enjoy are also present in this game. You act as the director of a small movie theater and your goal is to grow and develop your business and get the most out of your business in the fastest time possible. There is the usual complexity of dealing with different parts and dealing with various issues in this game, but Box Office Tycoon, like most Idol games, does something to avoid damage. Better yet, there will be no defeats in this game. At the same time, the amount of activity you have in the game helps you grow and develop your business and increase your income. Box Office Tycoon has a very simple interface and mechanisms. Having a short tutorial at the beginning of your entry into the game, which helps you get acquainted with all the basics and how to play, makes this game much easier. Like most Idol games, ‌ initially, you are given a small amount of money to start your own business.


Box Office Tycoon


In Box Office Tycoon, you can start by upgrading parts of your movie collection that you have the ability and money to upgrade. Upgrading each section will help you make more money from that section. For example, the most logical upgrade to get started could be upgrading the main movie theater. You can upgrade the seats to accommodate more visitors in one hall so that visitors do not have to stand in line. Then you can upgrade the video and audio system and the ventilation system and… hall to improve the quality of the hall and visitors pay more for cinema tickets. Of course, it is not only the main cinema hall that can be upgraded, and you can also upgrade sections such as counters, accounting, popcorn machines, arcade machines, toilets and toilets, and so on. In addition, you should try to assign managers to these departments to provide services. Managers themselves can upgrade and increase their capabilities and provide better service. But one of the most important parts is related to marketing and parking. Your own visitors will come to your cinema collection, but in order to have a lot of visitors, you must be able to upgrade your private parking lot to park more cars there, and upgrade the advertisements in front of the cinema, and attract more visitors with extensive advertisements. Finally, you can create bigger movie theaters to increase your income. Of course, parking upgrades, advertisements, and larger movie theaters are a bit expensive, and you have to play a relatively long time to get by. With all that said, Box Office Tycoon is a fun and engaging game that is easy to learn and suitable for all ages. So, ‌ If you are looking for a good game to fill your free time, we suggest you do not miss this game in any way. Box Office Tycoon has received a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 among gamers’ votes in the Android Market, and the Usroid team intends to provide this game in two main and modded versions for your dear ones. You can now download this game, which has already been tested by our team, through the direct links at the bottom of the article.


Note: In the mod version, go to the ads section and receive unlimited prizes.