Brain Out – Can you pass it? v2.1.21 + Mod – Puzzle game “Unusual puzzles” for Android + trailer
Ordinary version + Mod version (unlimited tips + removal of ads) tested separately
with offline execution

Brain Out – Can you pass it – Unusual puzzlesIt is a very interesting and special game from the category of puzzle and puzzle games, which has been produced by Focus apps studio in Hong Kong and developed for free. Usroid has prepared this beautiful and special game along with its modded version and has prepared it for download for free and tested. Brain Out – Can you pass it is a puzzle and puzzle game, but this game bears no resemblance to other similar games! It’s a very interesting, weird and maybe ridiculous idea for this game. Tired of the usual, repetitive puzzle games? Do you want a new and special idea from an intellectual game? So don’t procrastinate and don’t miss Brain Out – Can you pass it! This game is supposed to change your mindset towards stereotypes and intellectual puzzles. All you need to do these puzzles is high intelligence and IQ! Identifying these puzzles is the first important thing you need to do. The main point of these puzzles is that what you think about them has nothing to do with solving these puzzles! The solution to these puzzles is unusual, simple, and in many cases stupid ways that you need to be very focused and careful to discover. This game will undoubtedly bring you a unique experience.


Brain Out – Can you pass it


In Brain Out – Can you pass itYou are not going to deal with ordinary puzzles! This time you are supposed to solve unusual and strange puzzles. Puzzles that when you find out the answer, you know how ridiculous and silly some of them seem, but the fact is that this game is in turn an instructive title! In this game you will learn that maybe we humans have a direct view of many different issues. Maybe we should try easier ways or ways that seem silly! The same goes for Brain Out – Can you pass it! For example, a puzzle in this game may seem very difficult, but the solution is a simple and very simple one! The creators of Brain Out have used humorous elements in making and designing these puzzles to let you know that the main purpose of this game is unusual and strange puzzles! It is noteworthy that among these puzzles, there are some that seem really challenging. We recommend that you don’t miss Brain Out if you are looking for a new, unique and highly specific game. The game has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play and has also been successful to dateThe score is 4.5 out of 5.0 . Usroid will invite you to download a very entertaining and completely different title by preparing the regular and modded version of this game. To get a little acquainted with the puzzle style of this game, we suggest you watch the trailer video to introduce it.

Changes to version v2.1.21:

* Add new challenges
* Optimize overall game performance