Bridge Constructor Medieval – Medieval bridge construction game is a very beautiful and entertaining game in the style of bridge-building and intellectual games from Headup Games game studio for Android operating system , the first version of which is available for sale a few hours ago for $ 1.99 Common Android users around the world! If you have been with Usroid, you are aware that a long time ago, we introduced a game called Bridge Constructor, in which all kinds of materials and materials needed to build a bridge were provided to you, and you should use them correctly and in principle. Build several bridges so that vehicles can successfully cross it and reach their destination, and you have been very well received, so that it has been downloaded +28 thousand times by you visitors so far [ Additional Description] But in Bridge Co n structor Medieval, you go back to the Middle Ages and you have to build strong bridges to ensure the security of your city and defend the attack of enemies against your city!

In Bridge Constructor Medieval, you will use five different materials to build bridges, materials such as wood, heavy wood, stone and rope, etc.! If you are looking for a fun and principled Android game, we suggest you do not miss Bridge Constructor Medieval in any way !

Some features of Bridge Constructor Medieval Android game:

* Includes a variety of new levels and multiple game modes for a whole new gaming experience

* Sturdy design of bridges by you to protect the city against enemy catapults

* Enjoy beautiful medieval scenery!

* Support for popular Google Play service (Google Play Game Services)

* Having great graphics and exciting sound compared to its small size

Game Bridge Constructor Medieval us today Usroid at your disposal and we hope the Psndtan occur.

Changes in version v1.5:

* Bug fixes and performance improvements


Download Bridge Constructor Medieval 1.0 - Android bridge building game




Bridge Constructor Medieval Android - a new Android game