Bridge Constructor v8.2 + Mod – A very beautiful, popular and addictive Android bridge building
game, regular version + mod (unlocked) separately,
paid and full version of the game

Bridge Constructor is a new, extremely beautiful and exciting game in the style of intellectual games from ClockStone STUDIO for Android operating system , which we recommend to all structural engineers and those interested in bridge construction! The game, which retails for $ 1.99 on the Play Store, has attracted more than 11 million users worldwide to date. In the gameThe above types of materials and materials needed to build a bridge will be provided to you, and you must use them correctly and in principle to build several bridges so that vehicles can successfully cross it and reach their destination! You have to prove that you are a master at building bridges and build different and stable bridges over deep valleys, aqueducts and rivers. On the other hand, your bridges must be built in such a way that they can withstand the daily pressure of all kinds of cars, trucks and heavy tanks! If you are a fan of mind games that, despite having addictive gameplay, has a great structure and can nail you to the phone for hours, no doubt the popular game Bridge Constructor will attract your attention, which is capable of a purchased and complete version. Download it from Usroid.

Some features of Bridge Constructor Android game:

  • Having 40 different stages
  • Ability to test built bridges
  • Availability of 4 types of materials: wood, steel, cable and concrete column
  • Play in 5 different locations: city, valley, beach, mountains and hills
  • 3 types of cars, trucks, tankers to check the stability of the bridge
  • Give you multiple points in each stage

If you are interested in the exciting game Bridge Constructor by reading the above text , you can download the latest version of it for free from Usroid ! This game has been purchased +1.000.000 times by Android users around the world and has been able to get a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 with thousands of votes .

Remarkable dear friends: The paid version of Bridge Constructor game, which we have put for free download, is sold in some Iranian markets at a price of about 6000 Tomans (yes, six thousand Tomans!) ! (Of course, the previous version; and in the next few days, version 5.0 will be available to us) Have uploaded their own games and have not had any hand in making or editing the game and are selling the game to Iranian users at this astronomical price! Why should we be so money-loving and seek to withdraw free money from people ?!

 Changes in version v8.2:

* Graphic troubleshooting and troubleshooting + new features


Download Bridge Constructor - addictive bridge building game for Android