Bridge to Another World: Glass v1.0.0 – Puzzle game and fun “Bridge to another world” for Android
full unlocked version and without limitations of the game presented to you
tested with offline execution

Hidden Objects – Bridge to Another World: Glass  Full name Bridge to Another World: Through the Looking Glass PC was released, eventually studio Cypriot Friendly Fox Studio Producer series of popular games Hidden Objects such as Living Legends: Uninvited Guests for the operating system of Ndrvyd also was published. series of popular games Hidden Objects among the most famous and popular franchises style puzzle and This game, like other titles released from this series, has been released in the form of a free game, but a demo, for the full experience of which you must purchase a paid version of it from within the game.For the first time among all Iranian sites, it has introduced, reviewed and published the unlocked (Unlocked) and paid version of the game so that you, dear ones, can experience this game completely and without any restrictions without having to pay any fee. Be with the introduction and comprehensive review of this game from the perspective of Usroid.


Hidden Objects - Bridge to Another World: Glass


Bridge to Another World: Glass Another version of the series of puzzle and enigmatic games in this series, each of which tells an adventurous and mysterious story. The theme of all these stories is the mythical and imaginative currents and adventures that take place in the human world. Hidden Objects – Bridge to Another World: Glass is also one of the most well-made titles released from this series, which is actually the fifth game in the Hidden Objects game series. This game is a story of characters that were mentioned in various books and stories, but most of them are told in the stories of Alice in Wonderland. These characters are the Red Queen and the White Queen. The two queens, who are in fact two sisters, appear in all these stories in the role of two bloody enemies who have been fighting for years for power. The red queen symbolizes a power-hungry and evil queen, and the white queen symbolizes a peaceful and kind queen, but she cannot allow her evil sister to achieve her evil goals. You are in the role of a character like Alice who goes to this ancient world by looking at a glass ball and finds herself in the middle of these battles. You have inadvertently entered one of the most controversial adventures in history and now you have to make influential decisions in the role of an important character and follow the interesting story of the game. Maybe you are the one who determines the task of this war that has been going on for centuries! The style and context of Hidden Objects – Bridge to Another World: Glass, like all other games in this series, is a type of hidden object game in which your task is to find hidden items in the image at each stage of the game. To experience the final and complete version of this game in the form of purchased and unlocked, it is enough through direct links Usroid Download this game for your Android device and have fun with a fascinating and adventurous game.


Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the game installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.ffsvideogames.btaw5 folder to Android / obb internal storage.

– Run the game.