BRIK Extreme v2.12 – Fun and entertaining game “Professional Brick Breaker” for Android
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BRIK Extreme – Brick Extreme or Professional Brick Breaker is the name of a simple and at the same time very entertaining arcade game with the popular gameplay of the classic Brick Breaker style games from Magory Studio. This game is sold for money at a price of $ 1.80 for Android phones and tablets on Google Play, but you can buy the latest version and for the first time in Iran easily and in the form of Download for free from Usroid. Surely you are familiar with the style of Brick Breaker games. A style that had many fans in previous decades and was even one of the first mobile games. This popularity is still as high as it used to be, and this has led several different game developers to develop different styles of these games. In fact, it is better to know the styles of the new generation of games like Bricks Breaker QuestThey are modeled on these classic titles. But in the meantime, there are still game studios that adhere to classic principles and old values! The Polish company Mangory is one of those companies that has produced and released a lovely game called BRIK Extreme by making a game exactly similar to the classic retro titles in this genre. In making this game, the same elements of classic games have been used, so as soon as you run the game and deal with it, you will realize what a strong nostalgic feeling this game has!


BRICK Extreme


Game BRIK ExtremeIt is an arcade title in which you have to follow brick-breaking style games in more than 250 different stages. In this game you control a platform. You have to throw the ball forward, destroying the colorful brick houses by hitting them. Your ball may bounce off you after hitting these houses, so you must be able to react quickly and move the platform towards the ball. If you fail to do so and the ball goes out of bounds, you lose. So you have to throw this ball to the other side just like a tennis game and throw it to the other brick houses again when the ball comes towards you. Your task is to hit the ball to each house so that all the bricks of each stage are destroyed and you win that stage. In these 250 stages, there are interesting designs and houses. The best thing to do is to aim the ball so that it passes through the base layer and goes to the heart of the structure and is pounded this way and that so much that it destroys all the houses and bricks! Numerous other items will be placed in your path during the stages. In BRIK Extreme, there is also an interesting feature called Level Editor in which you can create an exclusive stage! This beautiful game is now being tested from serversUsroid is available for download.

Changes in version v2.12:

* Added Level Editor section on a trial basis
* Added new types of bricks