Broken Universe: Tower Defense v0.12.11 + Mod – “Destroyed World” strategy game and tower defense for Android
Normal version + mod version (unlimited gold) separately
Tested with offline performance

Broken Universe: Tower Defense is the first official game from Jinthree Studio in South Korea, which is offered as a free game with in-app payment capabilities for Android devices and is available on Google Play for players around the world. The world is located. As always, this time we have prepared another game as the first Iranian website on the web and we have prepared the latest version for you dear ones. In addition to the original version of this game, you can also get a modded version of it from the continuation of this article from Usroid. Broken Universe: Tower Defense is a strategy game and is a tower defense style game in which you have to defend your territory against a wave of enemy attacks. This game, like almost all similar games in the TD style, meets the main standards and its overall trend is similar to other tower defense titles. But to make Broken Universe: Tower Defense look different and different, Jinthree Studio has used a variety of elements and capabilities that make this game unique in some ways.


Broken Universe: Tower Defense


In Broken Universe: Tower Defense, there is no specific story and its adventure content is limited to the story of your battle in the role of hero characters with enemy forces who are strange monsters to destroy and conquer the world. At first glance, the details of the game may seem that this game has a lot of complexity. Although the answer to this question is no, but on the other hand, it can not be said that this game is complex and incomprehensible. Due to the nature of the gameplay, the creators have tried to provide a wide range of capabilities to players. You can develop and employ various forces and use different defense towers to protect yourself. Also during the game you travel to various planets, all of which are in danger of being destroyed by the onslaught of enemy forces. Your task is to save the world from this great and dangerous threat. So prepare yourself for terrible battles. Broken Universe: Tower Defense, like many strategy and tower defense games, requires professional tactics and management, otherwise your battles will be justified by defeat. So if you are familiar with this style of games and know the trend of tower defense strategy games, this game can be a very fun option for you. To download the latest version of the destroyed world game, you can go to the Usroid download box and easily get your mod version via direct links.

Note: This game is only available for 64-bit devices.