Build Your Palace – Build Your Palace is a puzzle-style game developed by Indy We Think Things Play for $ 2.99Made and published for Android devices. When it comes to mind games, our subconscious minds turn to board games, but despite the vast and endless world of board games, there are other games that are intellectual and designed for those gamers. They are not interested in board games but they love intellectual games. So if you are one of those gamers… Build Your Palace can be a good choice for you! In addition to entertainment, this game can also have an educational aspect. There may be times when you want to remember something, but you can’t do it whatever you think. Build Your Palace helps you to strengthen your visual memory and be able to quickly store information in your mind and strengthen the hippocampus of your brain.


Build Your Palace


Gameplay Build Your PalaceIt is very simple and has an easy mechanism and you can easily master all its functions, but this should not deceive you because the ease of a problem does not make that problem not challenging. In this game you have to be careful, concentrate, and memorize everything well. The purpose of the game is quite clear: during the game, a number of items appear that you have to memorize and place them in the marked areas called “mind palace”. Visually, this game has a minimalist style and its graphics are very simple and its environment has two colors, dark and light. As we expect in most intellectual style games, the structure of the game is step-by-step and the difficulty level of the steps follows the linear difficulty level. It is worth mentioning that this game has two modes “standard” and “limited time” and allows gamers to have different experiences in two different modes. Also, the items are very diverse and will provide a unique experience in each round of the game. TeamUsroid intends to provide you with the final and purchased version of Build Your Palace game, which has been tested and is completely free. At the end of this article, you can download this game from our servers and, if you wish, share your results and records in social communities with your friends. I hope you enjoy this game!

Version v1.0 changes:

* New menu and view game progress
* Sort items by dragging and dropping them