Bunny Skater v1.7 + Mod – Adventure and fun skating rabbit game for Android
Normal version + Mod version (unlimited carrot) individually
tested with offline performance

Bunny Skater is a very interesting, simple and at the same time entertaining game in the style of adventure and fun games for Android mobiles and tablets. West Gunfighter , Shadow Skate and Gunship Strike 3DProduced and published. Bunny Skater game with its interesting and simple style and context, can be run on most Android devices, even old and weak mobile phones and tablets with low Android. The design and two-dimensional graphics of this game in turn are unique and very spectacular. These designs are simple but at the same time fancy and colorful, and for this reason, Bunny Skater is also very attractive for children and teenagers. In this game, you play the role of the protagonist, Kim, who is a playful rabbit. In the role of this rabbit, you have to go on an adventure with a skateboard and travel to different places. Kim aspires to get into Hollywood and to do this she must collect as many carrots as she can and thus set a record and look attractive to others! During the game you can use different features and capabilities such as magnets (to attract carrots). Now it is you who can control this character and help him, make this rabbit dream. To do this, prepare yourself for an interesting and beautiful adventure.

Some features of Bunny Skater Android game:

  • Two-dimensional and simple designs
  • Fancy and colorful graphics
  • Fun and conceptual gameplay
  • Ability to easily control the character with just two virtual buttons
  • Travel to 3 different worlds and fantasy
  • Over 70 challenging and engaging stages
  • Ability to use different items and tools
  • There are several stages with different challenges and obstacles
  • Trying to realistically design skateboard movements and the possibility of doing different movements
  • There are several different paths to reach the end of each stage
  • Extremely low volume and the ability to run on mid-range and low-end devices

Bunny Skater is a very small game (less than 6 MB) with interesting features that can keep you entertained as a simple and fun game for a long time. This game has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times on Google Play by Android users around the world. The score for Bunny Skater is 4.1 out of 5.0 . If you want to have fun with a very small and light game, this beautiful game will be an interesting offer for you. You can first view the screenshots of the game in the relevant section, and if you wish, download the regular or modded version of this game for free from Usroid servers and install it on your Android device.

Changes in version v1.7:

* Fixed some bugs related to sudden game closure


Bunny Skater