As you know, the default calendar of Android smartphones and tablets does not have enough features to meet all the needs of users; For this reason, to date, we have introduced several different software in the field of calendar, all of which were the best, and with them you could make your phone calendar more enjoyable. Today, we are going to introduce the popular and practical Business Calendar Pro calendar for Android. By installing and having it on your mobile phone, you can upgrade the default calendar and create a very stylish and extremely beautiful calendar in Android.Bring your phone. With this calendar, you can easily and in a very simple environment record your daily events and put them in the reminder list! You can also easily display a beautiful and different calendar on the home screen if you wish. The program application; You can have calendars with different looks and stylish interfaces in your Android mobile phone, and with it, you do not need other calendar apps, and you can be sure that the most complete and beautiful Android calendar is yours!

Some features, capabilities and possibilities of Business Calendar Pro Android:

  • View calendars in different ways with a variety of themes
  • Drag & drop support
  • Having a dedicated widget with different sizes for the home screen
  • Display the calendar both graphically and textually
  • Having a very powerful search function to find days
  • Ability to place custom calls for special events
  • Extensive settings for changes and customization
  • Having a very simple user interface and user-friendly

Pro Calendar Business Calendar Pro is now at the Play Store with a price of $ 4.99 is sold with 4.8 points of the 5.0 that we Usroid latest version of it to be completely free and with direct links to provide you with our And we hope you like it; Our version is purchased and paid and all features are available for free.


Business Calendar Pro