C Locker Pro is one of the most popular and best lock screen customization programs for Android devices, which astoncheah programming studio offers for $ 2.99 on Google Play, and at your request, the latest and complete version has been purchased and completed It is available for download and is in front of you. Do you feel that the lock screen of your Android smartphone has become boring and monotonous !? Are you tired of the repetitive environment of locking your phone screen !? C Locker Pro is a useful and popular application in the field of lock screen customization for AndroidWith it, you can professionally customize your mobile screen lock in the fastest possible time and customize it to your liking! A wide range of different features are included in the heart of this app, the most popular of which is the ability to put to-do lists for faster access and prevent them from being forgotten! It is possible to customize all the components of the lock screen, including fonts, positioning of items, and و, and you are faced with a wonderful lock screen customization program!

Some features and capabilities of C Locker Pro Android app:

  • Ability to put the latest site news on the lock screen via feed
  • Ability to put a calendar for to-do list in the lock screen
  • Ability to place custom buttons for quick access to calls and ..
  • Ability to display custom clocks in the background of the lock screen
  • Ability to set the position of the clock display by the user
  • Ability to choose the style and color of the lock screen fonts
  • Ability to insert music play buttons including previous, play, pause, next
  • Ability to set the desired ringtone to open the page
  • Select custom icons to display on the lock screen

The C Locker Pro application has been purchased in the Play Store +10,000 times by Android users around the world, and its latest paid and complete version is available for download and is on you! If you want to unlock your phone screen from duplicate mode, do not miss the C Locker Pro application and get the latest version for free from Usroid .


C Locker Pro