Calculator Locker – Photo, Video, Audio Hider Pro v1.0 – Android file security calculator application and hidden
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Many users of Android smart devices use various software to increase the security of their information. These startups are divided into several categories, some of which protect passwords, some bank cards, and others allow you to hide important and security files. One of the problems that users sometimes face is the rapid identification of this type of software. In such a way that after installation and with just a simple look at the program icon, it can be recognized as secure and easily removed. Some developers have released security apps due to this issue; Programs that can not be identified even by referring to the settings. Calculator Locker – Photo, Video, Audio Hider ProTitle is a security and file hiding calculator developed by Small SEO Tools and published on Google Play. As it is clear from the title of the post, the main feature of this startup is its interface. After installing and running the program, you will be faced with a calculator that allows you to perform basic calculations quickly. But behind the dashboard of this software lies a security safe. In this digital safe, users can hide all kinds of documents, images, video files or even audio files. Unlike many similar tools, detecting this security tool is not easy, because even its icon is designed as a calculator. After installation and at the beginning of the setup, you choose a password of your choice so that all the information can be displayed to access the hidden files just by entering that number. To prevent any problems, the development team will provide you with an option to forget your password, which will allow you to recover passwords by answering specific questions. If you also pay special attention to your files, do not miss this wonderful application and join us to download it.

Some features and capabilities of Calculator Locker program – Photo, Video, Audio Hider Pro Android:

  • Having a simple and easy environment like a calculator
  • Perform simple mathematical computational operations to avoid attracting the attention of others
  • Hide all kinds of documents, audio files, videos and pictures
  • Access all files just by entering the initial password
  • Answer specific questions if you need to reset your password
  • Very simple and easy environment without any complicated options

Application Calculator Locker – Photo, Video, Audio Hider Pro to take advantage of the features and functionality desired by the developer with the price of $ 6.49 reported and rated 4.1 out of 5.0 by users has received that can now use the newest version purchased Download it without any restrictions from the direct links of Usroid website .


Calculator Locker - Photo, Video, Audio Hider Pro