CalenGoo – Calendar and Tasks is one of the best and most popular calendar software for the Android operating system, which has a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 in the Play Store and is one of the best calendars available! Dominique Andre Gunia programming studio has released the above application for $ 5.99 on Google Play, and we have introduced a paid version of it for you! This app can be synchronized with Android calendar and phone calendar and somehow completes your Android smartphone calendar! If you feel that your phone calendar is very simple and you need a little variety and professionalization, today we are going to introduce an interesting and powerful application called CalenGoo, by having it on your mobile phone, you can display five different types of calendars. Leave a new view of future events! ThisWith drag and drop support, the calendar allows you to easily drag and drop various events and take full advantage of other features of the program! Test the calendar ahead and say is it worth buying or not ?!

Some features, capabilities and features of the CalenGoo Android application:

  • Ability to copy, open and delete events by dragging and dropping
  • Having dedicated widgets to display on the home screen without opening the software
  • Having a powerful search function to quickly find events
  • Programmable hardware buttons (example: access to today’s calendar with back button)
  • Ability to synchronize the calendar with Google Task, Google Calendar and the phone’s own calendar
  • Having 5 different types of calendars including day, week and month with full details
  • Ability to easily add different notes each day by the user
  • Ability to place an MP3 format sound for event gallery and default ringtones
  • It has very extensive settings for customizing and customizing your calendar
  • Having a very simple, professional and user-friendly user interface

CalenGoo – Calendar and Tasks application software is currently sold at a price of $ 5.99 , which, despite its high price, has been very well received and is one of the best with more than 100,000 purchases! If you want to have this calendar on your smartphone, you can download the latest version for free from Usroid


CalenGoo - Calendar and Tasks