Today we intend to introduce a software that allows you to design a blacklist for your smartphone and prevent receiving calls and messages from annoying people. Do people constantly bother you by phone? Are you in an important meeting and want to prevent family members from calling you? Are you tired of promotional messages? Then this software is a great opportunity for you! Call & Message blocker is a practical software for blocking calls and messages on your mobile phone. This software can prevent calls and messages from people you specify. You can block a person’s call by simply entering their phone number.
You can create a blacklist for your phone. This list consists of names of people you don’t want to have any contact with. We recommend that you install this software before all communication software, as you can also control those applications. This software contains a guide that teaches you the following topics in simple language:

* How to create two separate blacklist lists for calls and messages

* How to respond to people who are on your ban list

You can also use the data of this software to take a backup of your blacklist and save it on your mobile phone memory card.

* Blocking text messages that are sent to you via email.


Download Call & Message blocker - prevent incoming calls on Android