Call Notes Pro v22.03.1 – App to add notes to the contact page in Android
The purchased version is offered to you for $ 2.99

You must have thought over and over again that you want to remind someone of something or share an important topic with them, but due to daily problems, you forgot and could not inform your friend. Due to the high volume of daily calls, the best way to remember topics related to anyone is to use notes on the contact page! Software Call Notes Pro is a very functional for placement of notes on the contact page for devices with operating system AndroidPublished by Andrey Nikanorov for $ 2.99. Just select the person you want from the contact list and add a note to it, if you call or receive a call from the person, view the notes related to that person on the screen. In these notes, in addition to writing the text, you can easily add your date of birth, company, location, and تا so that you can have a useful and complete conversation. After each call or during the answer, the notes can be accessed and the notes can be easily edited. The location and color of the notes can be easily changed so that they do not bother you when you receive the call.

Some features and capabilities of Call Notes Pro Android app:

  • Display various information in notes such as contact, company, title, date of birth, group and…
  • Access to notes and corrections during or after calls
  • Ability to customize the location of notes as well as change the color of each note
  • Ability to insert notes for anonymous numbers
  • Ability to sync with Evernote and OneNote applications
  • View notes on Android Wear devices

Due to the importance of the Call Notes Pro application for busy and sociable people, this program, priced at $ 2.99, has been able to receive a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 in the Android Market in a short period of time . You can download the purchased version without any restrictions from Fars Receive.


Call Notes Pro