Calorie Counter by Lose It! for Diet & Weight Loss v14.5.702 Subscribed – Android Calorie Counter and Diet App
Subscribed version of the app worth $189.99

Weight gain is one of the problems that many people in society suffer from. To have a healthy weight and body, we need to spend a few minutes of our time daily doing various exercises. Many people, despite regular exercise, are still unhappy with their weight. It should be noted that weight loss requires not only regular exercise but also a specific diet and lifestyle. The first step to achieving your desired weight is to calculate your calorie intake, which is usually difficult and requires auxiliary tools. Calorie Counter by Lose It! for Diet & Weight Loss is a calorie counter and diet app developed by FitNow, Inc and published on Google Play. This software can be considered a gateway to a new world! Simply follow its instructions and in a very short time, you can lose a significant amount of weight. This intelligent calorie counter calculates the calories of all your foods and helps you experience proper exercise in your life. Unlike other similar tools, it has a huge database of information on over 27 million food items, and by entering their names, you can get accurate information about them. This information includes the amount of nutrients, calories, protein, carbohydrates, and more, which are effective in having a regular program. Choose your own custom diet and have a healthy life by cooking natural foods. After determining your main goal, start exercising and progressing with your specific plans, and record the smallest changes to have enough motivation to reach your goal in the long run. To get more information, synchronize all recorded statistics with other sports programs such as Google Fit. Use available tutorials for proper exercises and do not perform any movements incorrectly.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Calorie Counter by Lose It! for Diet & Weight Loss Android app:

  • Smart calorie counter with completely accurate information display
  • An enormous database consisting of information on over 27 million food items
  • Initial weight measurement and tracking of weight loss progress to reach your goal
  • Setting a specific goal to maintain motivation in weight loss journey
  • Display of information such as carbohydrates, calories, protein, fiber, etc. for each food item
  • Various challenges to maintain motivation and achieve short-term goals
  • Provision of special dietary recommendations based on your progress and patterns
  • Instructions for cooking diet foods
  • Synchronization of information with other apps such as Google Fit, Fitbit, etc.
  • Exclusive guide for effective exercise

The Calorie Counter by Lose It! for Diet & Weight Loss app, with its numerous features and capabilities, has been released for free by its developer, along with in-app purchases of $184.99. It has received a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users and you can now download the latest premium version with access to all features from the popular and highly visited Usroid website.


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