[Camera Guard ™ Webcam Blocker v5.0.2 [Pro – Android camera protection and blocking application
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Camera Guard ™ Webcam Blocker Pro Unlocked is a unique security application for blocking and protecting the camera for Android.Developed and published by ProtectStar Inc. The daily development of Android applications has led to the growth of spy tools, among which spyware that uses the device’s camera to steal information is a favorite of hackers and extortionists. We assure you that there is no need to worry and that you can work with us to resolve this issue. Camera Guard with its unique system specially protects the camera of your Android device and by blocking it, it does not allow spyware to steal your information. In case of any suspicious cases or unauthorized use of the camera by other software, the user will be notified and the camera of the device will be deactivated. One of the most important positives that can be seen in the app is its support for two front and rear cameras at the same time, which is not seen in similar applications.

Some features and capabilities of Camera Guard ™ Webcam Blocker Android app:

  • Deep and accurate scanning system of the device to detect any threat
  • Identify types of spyware and malware
  • Identify applications that use the camera illegally
  • Block and protect the camera if you see any suspicious activity
  • Password protection by software
  • View a list of applications that have access to the camera
  • Add some apps to the whitelist

App Camera Guard ™ Webcam Blocker with unsurpassed security managed so far with thousands of spyware tackle and rated 4.2 out of 5.0.2 by users Play Store downloads that can now have the most recent version of this software for free Receive without in-network payments from Usroid site.


Camera Guard™ Webcam Blocker