CameraAce is one of the best and most popular photo editing and beautification applications for Android operating system , which is one of the most beloved camera applications in Samsung Sajest. With this software, you will be able to apply different types of effects, beautiful text, various frames and desired changes on your gallery photos and give them a different effect.

When you run the amazing CameraAce app, you will be presented with a desktop with all the photo editing tools you can easily use. Different photography modes are also embedded in this program, each of which has its own characteristics, so that you can put your photos in very beautiful frames in family mode, and by putting background music in it, it is possible. Provide a slideshow view or in landscape mode, using special effects, you can take the best photos for the outside environment and from different landscapes.

Some features of CameraAce Android app:

* Ability to make custom changes to images as a group

* Apply frame changes, effects and. . On the photos

* Having camera widgets to quickly display images in a dedicated theme as a slideshow

* Provide advanced photo filters

* Provide various and very beautiful frames

* Photo management tools to organize photos

* Share images on Facebook

The wonderful CameraAce application has been released for free and can be installed and run on all Android 4.0 and higher phones . Usroid provides you with the latest version with a direct link.


Download CameraAce - Android photo beautification program




Download CameraAce Android 4.0