Can Knockdown 2 is a popular, exciting and extremely beautiful bottle throwing game for the Android operating system , which due to the unparalleled welcome of users from the third version, we have made the second version for you, regular users. This exciting game titled “Millions of players can not make mistakes” has been released in the Play Store, which despite the long time since its release, still has a score of 4.3, which indicates its popularity with users.

In the above game , your skills in throwing cans will be challenged and you must aim at the cans and hit the ball to them so that you can get the most points and pave the way for the next steps. You need to recognize your weaknesses during the game and prepare yourself for a better throw and increase the excitement of the game.

At first, the steps may seem a little easy, but after going through the initial steps, moving targets will bring the utmost excitement and challenge to your Android phone, which is one of the most enjoyable of its kind. The features of the game is a wonderful beautiful Can Knockdown 2 are as follows:

* Having three different game modes with the possibility of selection by the player

* Play in incredibly beautiful realistic 3D environments

* Ability to compete and show your skills to friends and other users

* Ability to open and climb different stages by throwing the ball towards the can

* Ability to collect multiple achievements and medals to increase the excitement of the game

* Having extremely high graphics and HD compared to its very small size

* High sound quality when tapping the can to increase excitement

The price of the game introduced in the Android Market is $ 0.99 ; If you are looking for an exciting and challenging classic game, Farsrood offers the latest version of Can Knockdown 2 , which you can download for free by reading the rest مطلب


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