CandyCons Unwrapped – Icon Pack v 9.5 – A collection of  beautiful icons for Android
purchased and complete version of the app for $ 1.49 on Google Play 

We use a variety of programs over and over during the day, programs that we may not have read more than once or twice, and only with their icons that we can quickly identify and use them. . Remember popular icons like Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and YouTube. These icons are the main symbol of their manufacturers and define the feeling we get from software products. In fact, the icon for a program is like a face for a human. Sometimes we may get tired of the icons on the phone and try to diversify this part. Fortunately, the Android operating system has done very well in this regard, and anything can be changed to your liking. Icons are no exception to this rule, and you can change the appearance of icons in the most beautiful way by installing icon packs.CandyCons Unwrapped – Icon PackThe title of a beautiful and complete pack icon with more than 1000 icons is for the Android operating system, which was developed by the myAP Devs software group and has been published on Google Play for $ 1.49. If you have experience working with icon packs, you must be familiar with the famous CandyCons pack icon. This pack icon has been one of the most popular pack icons for more than four years and is very popular. Now the creator of this pack icon has released his new series of packages with this program. This icon pack is made by Vukašin Anđelković. To use the pack icon, you must have the launcher that supports the pack icon installed on your phone. Most default Android user interfaces do not have this feature, and you must use one of the popular launchers such as Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, Lawnchair Launcher, Apex Launcher and similar launchers.

Some features and capabilities of Android CandyCons Unwrapped – Icon Pack :

  • More than 1050 icons with the highest quality
  • Various colors for Android system applications
  • More than 10 beautiful wallpapers (supported by Muzei)
  • Supports all types of Android launchers
  • Dynamic icon for Google Calendar
  • Request an icon with one touch

Application CandyCons Unwrapped – Icon Pack is one of the most complete and the most beautiful Android Icon Pack is managed with user satisfaction rating of 5.0 High 4.8 of Google users receive. Now you can get the purchased and patched version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


CandyCons Unwrapped - Icon Pack